Martin Black: “All you need to play is 3 chords and passion”

Martin Black shows what a heart-warming man he is by touching on every subject and leaving no stone un-turned in his search to become a working class hero“, – says official press release and you have absolutely no reason to doubt after listening to at least one track of this musician, being virtuosic in mixing punk and folk in a very special way.

Armed with streets of punk and the folkie hunger for revolution, marrying the two distinctive genres by trying to turn folk on its ear and punk to its knees with his sharp lyricism and upbeat melodies, he’s on his way to becoming the man he set out to be“.

One can hardly say better!

The necessity to define the genre of your music… it has its good and bad points defining a genre, the bad points are that you can pigeon hole yourself and been seen in the same light as other acts in that genre. It can be kind of clichéd at times defining yourself to a specific genre as it kinda hold you down and doesn’t allow the freedom to write as well as you could.

On the flipside it helps people discover you on places like spotify and itunes, which doesn’t hurt as a way to pick up new listeners or fans.


The best live performance I ever seen…This one is a bit of a tricky one as I’ve seen quite a lot of great live performances but the one I’m going to go for was when I saw a band called The Minutes, the reason for this is that there was about 40 people in the room, but they came on and played like the room was full and like it was going to be their last show, they just gave absolutely everything.

Being on the road…haha, I’m not sure how to honestly answer this one without sounding lethargic. You can’t sugar coat it and I think you kinda have to know what you want from it all, because at times it can ruin you when you’re up and down the country playing to one man and his dog, but saying that what you’ve got to remember is that it one takes that one person to build up a fanbase.. You’ve got to give everything each night and just enjoy it and never take a moment for granted.


Is it possible to have friends in show business? It can’t do no harm having friends in show business , depending how good a friend they are they can always get you that door open.

Martin Black “When I fall” official video 

Nowadays musical education…is not needed, being taught music limits you and restricts education doesn’t make you a better player or songwriter.

What makes you is a passion and a love for playing, writing or performing same as anything creative. You can’t be taught passion, you can’t be taught to play with heart..without trying to put music teachers out of a job, all you need to play is 3 chords and passion.

The magic on the stage happens…it happens for me when I hit that first note, it takes me away on some sort of out, if body experience kind of like the best drug trip you could ever have.


Working with Rob Jones is…horrible! Only joking, it’s hard work and I don’t mean that in a bad way, Rob knows how to get the best out of me, he wants to make the best record we can possibly make. His attention to detail is incredible, working with him has really given me the confidence and the mindset to go do it.

Looking at the mirror I see…that i probably need a shave! No, I see someone who knows what they want but isn’t quite sure how to get it.

Martin Black “I miss you” official video

The ideal picture of my musical career looks like…being able to be out playing every night and meeting weird and wonderful people along the way.


My advise to everybody who’s still searching for their way in life…never give up, no matter what shit is thrown at you. Those people are the ones who gave up, lost their way and hate the fact they did, life’s to short to ask yourself what if, so just go out there, do it and live everyday like it’s your last.

Today most of all I dream about…how great the last tour was and how much I need to be back on the road again.

Photos: Martin Black’ official Facebook page

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