Marie Daulne: «Our mind has so much power, it’s a choice!»

Marie Daulne (Zap Mama) is one of the most incredible examples of pure beauty, talent and wisdom.

Once you hear this voice, rhythms and melodies, you’re charmed for ages.

Once you speak to Marie Daulne and got a tiny touch to her philosophy, you realize:  this is probably how you should live your own life…


The advice I consider to be one of the most useful in my life… to be healthy – with my body and mind. To cultivate a healthy life, which requires discipline and stability, food and activities, such as sport, yoga, and to balance your diet.

Best ways to keep your mood positive are… stay curious and pay attention to the nature, smiling to children and positive adult, turn off the bad news on the media and share moments with friends, family and loved one.


One of the performances I remember most of all… Hollywood ball in Los Angeles… with Seal.  A lot of tension that day, because it was a big SHOW and our luggage was lost. We ran all over and bought brand new dress for the stage to replace our stage outfit, I picked a long silky dress… As you know, ZAP MAMA show are always with some crazy acrobatic physical energies during the show (teenage I was a circus acrobat) and after 45 minutes of music, in the middle of a song, I had that crazy moment jumping all over the stage and suddenly I made my front flip! GOD! My entire silky dress was upside down and the audience shouts after they saw my full body upside down in the underwear…


ZAP MAMA performing “Rafiki”

I consider it to be very silly…  it is the stupidity that media can give to the brave people (they treat the audience stupidly). Now we have much more possibilities to exchange knowledge and discover other cultures, and this helps people to see different ways of being or opportunities and to be able to make choice.


Modern world… I’m very happy to see and enjoy the new technology of the world, especially the technology that protect and want to preserve our eco-system (I always liked science fiction movies). New technologies give us access to the knowledge and keep us awake and curious.  But again, we  have to choose and be aware! There is some manipulation behind all this information, this can be very  negative side of it – I refer to the conspiracy theories.  With the media network those super egocentric people, extremists use that modernity to control us, and we may lose our real desire. The only way to stay ourselves and to be sure, that our choice is the best and real, for me and the loved ones – I close all media. I’m walking in the nature until my mind is clear…I know – I am myself, and I will feel and understand what is the best for me.


Through the years I clearly understand…  I learn every day and adapt myself to the moment. I have to count and be responsible and reasonable for what I want to achieve and be patient. Keep in my head what I’m born for and what I want to achieve on earth.
The energy of  people you choose to stay with and exchange good or bad emotions has an impact on your own energy. It is very important to clean our mind like we clean our body on every day basis, like a little private ritual.


I would really like to recommend to young people… don’t waste your time, don’t do the things you will regret tomorrow. And learn maximum from the experience to know who you really are and not from what the media tells us to be. They try to invade your mind with materialism, at the end we are all human, always want to share a drink, a meal and exchange stories.


The real beauty of the woman is… to be proud to be a woman and being a real sister with other woman.

ZAP MAMA performing “Time for Love”

Men nowadays…  it depends on the part of the world. They seem to lose the balance between feminine and masculine.


Music heals…  absolutely!

I start my day…  saying “hello” to myself and programming my day, drinking water, stretching my body like a Felin.


Today my main dreams are… to stay happy and healthy  to be able to compose Musical peace  for adult and children, the compositions that can help and heal people’s feeling on their everyday life. To surround myself with  a top team. To surround myself with amazing people, with Arts and innovation.

All the cultures in our world are… amazing! Fascinating!


Changing this world to a better one… since I re-born as an adult, I keep that goal to “make a better world” and there is a lot of work to do! We need a lot of volunteers.

Your energy on the stage is absolutely amazing. What are your sources of inspiration and also ways for rejuvenating?   Our mind has so much power, it’s a choice!

What makes you feel happy – on stage and in life?
On stage it’s when the band, the audience and I – we create one. In life it’s when I achieve a goal and start a new project! And I love movies…watching movies, sharing stories with friends and being in love.

Photos: Marie Daulne’ official Facebook page


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